Inner Harmony: Personal Exploration at the Piano guides the reader through a journey of music-making and self-exploration. Drawing on existential-phenomenological psychology, Dr. Giobbi accompanies the reader through their inner, psychical world and provides them with a method for making music form those deepest places. This is a guidebook for getting to know oneself through music-making at the piano.

Dr. Giobbi's book, An "A" Effort, was written for first-year college students. In this text Dr. Giobbi offers insights on studying, writing, memorizing, doing group projects, oral presentations, and researching. This book makes a great gift for the college student in your life!

Media Psychology is a collection of introductory lectures on the historical and contemporary research and theories in the area of media and the individual. These interdisciplinary lectures offer a fresh and innovative approach to the tradition of media psychology. Published by Atropos Press, 2014.


A Postcognitive Negation is a postmodern interpretation of the history and philosophy of psychology. Published by Atropos Press in 2010

In The Ego and the Id & Caesar and Me, Dr. Giobbi introduces Sigmund Freud's classic text, The Ego and the Id through an episode from Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone.